This DSC is Only for Export-Import community. The Major Benefits of using DGFT

DGFT Digital Certification facility offered by us finds extensive usage among Exporters & Importers. Operated under Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), it is a solution developed for Exporter-Importer community in India that enable them to interact as well as transact with DGFT online with security and confidence. Digital Signature Certificate that is specially designed for Indian Exporters or Importers that enables digital signing of online License applications.

o Cost Saving - DGFT has extended attractive monetary incentives for Safe EXIM users

o Convenience - Reduced turnaround time by DGFT for license issuance it also reduces paperwork considerably for user, thus bringing down associated costs

o Security - Digitally signed applications ensure non-repudiation, thus bringing trust as well as confidence into entire online experience

o Reduce processing time - DGFT charges only 50% of application fee for applications that are digitally signed using Safe EXIM

  • Download DGFT DSC FORM